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Optimum Bikini is one of the Top upcoming Bikini Competition Teams in the Industry. Our Top goal is to help our athletes reach their full potential by giving them proper guidance and motivation to reach their Goals.  Our Bikini Prep programs are customized to your individual needs and lifestyle.

If you are looking for a Bikini Coach look not further, Optimum’s Bikini Team training methods &¬†workout plans produce the results and confidence competitors need on stage. Our Online Bikini Prep Program will give you the results you expect to successfully reach your goals.

We provide all the steps needed to get you where you dreamed of being.

You don’t need to compete to look your best. We also offer non-competition programs that will allow you to reach your personal fitness goals even if you choose not to step on stage.

We offer the latest in fitness and nutrition methods that transforms any athlete into a competitor.

Our highly qualified Bikini coaches work around the clock to meet the individual fitness and nutrition needs of our competitors.

As a successful Bikini Coach, the number one priority is to help you be competitive while remaining healthy and satisfied with yourself.

Learn more about the Optimum Bikini Team & Training to find out what we can do for you!