Bikini Coach: Why eating less and doing more cardio (for a long time) is never the answer

Something that every bikini competitor and bikini coach should know is that you can never outsmart the small physiological processes that take place within your body. With that said, the key is to always have your body work WITH you and not AGAINST you.

When a person does hours of cardio in a caloric deficit, the body senses this stress and will try its best to not shut down. How exactly does it do that? Well… a number of ways:

1) It holds on to every little bit of fat,

2) It stores the little amount of food it is given (because it is in “starvation mode”),

3) It looks at other places for energy source – your hard-earned muscles are targets!

 (This process of breaking down muscle is also known as catabolism.)


So what would you be left with?! What would you end up looking like? Less muscular and way softer!

Muscles need nutrients in order to grow. Fuel it with the right food sources, train hard, stay consistent!

My advice is to have a successful Improvement Season as this is the most crucial part of prep. Put in work day-in and day-out as you would when you’re in the shredding phase of prep. The only difference is this time: you are in a caloric surplus with little to no cardio. So what does that mean? Put the extra calories to LIFTING! Take some time to make CLEAN GAINS.

Remember, the best plan is the one you can follow and carry out in the long haul!

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