Bikini Posing

  8 ways to perfect bikini posing


  1. Pump it up. Create a really good play list. Keep in mind that there will be music playing on show day, so to practice walking to music will help you loosen up and become more comfortable.
  2. Quiet on set. Video tape yourself. I know this can be odd if you’re not use to seeing yourself in film, but this is a good way to analyze your walk so that you can perfect it.
  3. Practice makes perfect. Practice frequently throughout the week in the off season, and daily in season so that you are completely comfortable and natural on stage. The more you practice, the easier it will become.
  4. Study the tube. Don’t hesitate using your resources. Youtube is a great site to find videos of Pro bikini competitor’s posing. I recommend watching the Olympia and the Arnold individual posing routines. This will give you a better idea of what is expected of you in bikini posing.
  5. Pose for the camera. Take lots of pictures of youRself in each of your poses. As you get closer to show day, this will help you visualize the correct way to do the pose in the poses that look best for your physique.
  6. Perfect fit. Pose in all of your bikinis. This will help you chose the bikini that looks best for your physique.
  7. Two is better than one. Be sure to have two pairs of heels. One for posing and one fore show. The bikini heels easily get dirty so its best to have two pairs to preserve your show heels.
  8. Mirrors show it all. Practice in front of a full length mirror with good lighting. This will help you see your body clearly when you move.

Remember, it does not matter how good in shape you are, If your bikini posing is not as good there is a good chance you won’t place well, PRACTICE IS THE KEY!

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