Bikini Prep: Supplement Spotlight of the week: CLA

By:  Na’iyma Thompson, Top National Bikini Competitor and Bikini Prep Coach


As competitors, we need to know how to properly use supplements and learn what they can do for our physique.  Today, I want to take some time to talk about CLA and how it can affect your bikini prep.

What is CLA? I’m sure you have heard a lot about this supplement, because many bodybuilders rave about their results when using it. But what is it? What are its benefits? Is this something that should be added into your daily regimen?

CLA is a very unique supplement. It’s not something that can be naturally produced by the human body, but can be found in many things like dairy products such as milk. It also occurs in beef, lamb, eggs, and corn oil.

CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid, is a mixture of mostly position and geometric isomers. This product has been found to be instrumental because of the many benefits it posses. Studies have shown that it has cancer fighting properties and has been proven to reduce tumors and prevent cancers; breast, colorectal, lung, skin, and stomach. Furthermore, it can lower cholesterol, lower insulin resistance and enhance your immune system. The most widely known reason for use is for its ability to help with fat loss and to increase lean body mass. A deficiency in CLA can cause an increase in the growth of fat cells. This is why many find this supplement essential to add to their daily regimen. It helps to prevent smaller fat cells from getting large and it does this by improving insulin levels and reducing high glucose levels. When insulin sensitivity is enhanced, fatty acids pass through the muscle cell membrane, but away from fat tissues which helps prevent an increase in fat mass. CLA has been shown in many studies to be very effective when use in conjunction with a clean, healthy diet and exercise plan. It is a great supplement to add, because you will not reap the benefits from your food alone. When consuming poultry and dairy with CLA it only posses a small amount. In order to benefit, taking a total of three 1,000mg tablets three times daily will be a more sufficient use of this product. So if you are someone who has stubborn fat cells, think about using this supplement to help achieve your fitness goals.

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