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Team Optimum Bikini

These women work hard and have the dedication and motivation needed to make winners.  We offer our competitors the tools they need to get the job done.  We provide competition coaching, nutrition plans and stage presence coaching on top of workout plans to produce the results and confidence bikini competitors need on stage.

Optimum launched its Optimum Bikini Team in 2013 with the vision of taking women’s fitness to the next level.  Within the first year the team has taken placing in all shows our competitors have competed in.

Optimum Bikini has developed the latest fitness and nutrition methods to provide the optimal physique for our competitors. These methods have proven to be success by the continued placing of our Athletes.

Our team has expanded with competitors across the United States, but still maintains the one on one coaching set out at the establishing of the team since our first Bikini Coach.  With the best educated and dedicated coaches and team in the industry our future is bright and we are excited for our continued growth.

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